Words for Websites: what's included?

If you’re in business, you’re probably too busy doing your thing to think about words. This is where I can help you. Words are my thing. You’ll need your website to bring your brand to life and to attract the people you want, so I’ll write authentic, engaging copy that will do just that. Need newsletters, email campaigns and blog posts, too? No problem. Oh, and if you have no idea what your brand personality is, I can help you find it. I’ll work/play with you to find your unique voice.

If none of the Words for Websites packages quite fits what you'd like - no problem. I'm bendy. 

simple dino.png


Perfect for you if you're just starting out or you need a refresh, the Simple option includes:

  • An in-depth strategy discussion so that we can explore your objectives and your site's purpose, as well as hammer our the voice, tone and personality that's right for you.

  • Powerful, engaging words for these pages: Home, About, Services, Contact.

  • One round of amends.

shiny dino.png


If you're looking to expand your web presence, refresh your tone and engage more with your audience, choose the Shiny option. It includes

  • An in-depth strategy discussion (as Simple)

  • Simple package pages: Home, About, Services, Contact

  • Four extra pages. Popular choices include Our Values, Meet the Team, FAQ and Why Work With Us but of course it depends on what's right for your business

  • Two rounds of amends

swanky dino.png


The Swanky option is the Full English Breakfast of website copy, without the risk of heart attack. The Swanky gives you power-packed pages to kick off multi-channel engagement for your audience. It includes:

  • An in-depth strategy discussion

  • Simple and Shiny pages: Home, About, Services, Contact plus four others of your choice

  • Blog intro page + 2 blog posts

  • Copy for Mailchimp (or similar) sign-up form + auto responders + welcome email

  • Two rounds of amends