Louise Etheridge.

I write words that help you  achieve your objectives




The right words
in the right order



need words?

I'm a writer with more than seventeen years' experience of happy, beautiful clients.

I have thousands of words in stock and will put them together in the way that's right for what you want - or need; sometimes these are not the same thing.

big fish and little gems

I work with fat, chunky brands. I work with sharp and shiny branding agencies. I work with boffiny universities. I work with small but perfectly formed businesses and start-ups to help them with their words and ideas.

All my clients say nice things about me and my work. Mostly that my work works.

wait…there’s more

I have some specialities. They are freaky but healthy. I’m a qualified human resource professional and a qualified researcher. This means I understand the people aspect of business and I can put together a mean online survey in less time than it takes to sniff a wombat, if you have one to hand.



I’ve written words for brands, boffins and broadsheets



Global domination not yet achieved