For design agencies

I like branding agencies and graphic designers.

If you’re one of these, you’re probably extremely creative and just a little bit bonkers. You probably have a scary bearded techie mate/colleague/department who do/does the all the back end stuff, and a perky silvertongue to do the account management stuff. But you may not have someone to do the word stuff. Or sometimes you have lots of people to do the word stuff, but you need extra help.

This is where I come in. I have lots of graphic design and branding clients who reel me in when they need me, to work on some luscious text or a naming game or whatever it is their clients need.  I’ve produced copy that their clients love and that’s why they ask me back again and again. Depending on the brief, my copy can be so lush you could rub it all over your body, or so sharp you slice open a watermelon with it. Whatever the brief, I produce copy that does the job. I specialise in quirk and funny but can do normal. I’m also good at corporate sincerity and enjoy making people cry.

I’ve written effective copy for:

  • New brands and products.
  • Pitches and presentations to potential clients.
  • Marketing brochures, flyers and other things made of shiny paper. This includes 20m high hoardings.
  • E-newsletters, e-mailshots and other e-stuff.
  • New and re-vamped websites.
  • Training manuals, internal comms, annual accounts.
  • Exhibitions and visitor centres
  • TV ads and online videos

I also come up with concepts. So if you are feeling a bit squashed-headed and need an extra pair of shiny freelance copywriting hands, I can offer you:

  • Words that are right for your client – whether it’s branding or rebranding, websites or brochures, new directions or old favourites, fat reports or skinny signage; whatever needs words.
  • Reliability, to budget and to deadline.
  • A lateral, quirky and slightly scary mind that can also do normal.
  • A good working relationship with you and your staff, as I am nice to deal with.

Drop me an email on