Aw, Shucks!

My favourite thing, after getting paid, is happy clients. And in order to get paid I need to make my clients happy with my work. I work very hard to make sure this happens. But don’t take my word for it.

Have a little look at what my clients say about me:

Louise impresses everyone at Clinic. She’s a pleasure to work with and genuinely enthusiastic about every single project, throwing herself into them. Her actual writing is fantastic, whether it calls for a light touch or something more hard hitting, and she’s quick to pick up ideas and run with them, which is very important when working on some of our projects. She fits in fantastically with the rest of the team and I’d recommend her to anybody. Except when we want to use her. Then we’d lie and say she’s not much cop!

Paul Holder, Copy Chief at Clinic

…Louise is very skilled, very professional and very, very, very, lateral – If you want some one who really is creative (a very rare skill) she’s your girl.

Simon Heron, Owner, 3 Men and a Suit

...Louise has the uncanny ability to read my mind..she  really understands my business and what I need, and produces it in double quick time. And she is always fun to work with.

Roya Hamid, Creative Director, Marvellous Productions

Louise is a great word acrobat; she juggles them in a perfect way with vivid storytelling. Her writing and knowledge has contributed to a greater company success for us. Louise is the type of freelancer that makes it easy for you to call her part of the team. We have received tons of positive client feedback for our website, and without Louise this would not have been possible. Outstanding work, great time management and just an overall fun personality. If this is what you are looking for, go for Louise.

Stephanie Zemmrich, Viva Africa Tours

One of the best copywriters out there. She goes above and beyond.

Mark Young, Academy Class

Absolute pleasure to work with Louise. We have a very specific tone of communication in what we do, and have struggled finding shadow copywriters who understand our approach and can up it a notch. Happy to say Louise took the product to another level.

Igor Čenar, CEO, Jollydeck Ltd

Louise was a pleasure to work with. Not only is she a fantastic and reliable copywriter but she goes the extra mile and suggests alternative solutions to the brief. Would definitely recommend her to anyone!

Geoff Thomas, Co-founder, Hearts and Minds