Louise Etheridge.

my job is to write brilliant words... so that you don’t have to



LOVELY Content

I write for all purposes. Some of the things I write include:

  • Web copy
  • Blogs
  • Amazon listings
  • Print and packaging
  • Whitepapers and PR copy
  • Training courses
  • Video/radio scripts
  • Sales letters
  • Brand guidelines


Great design deserves great copy. I work with lots of clever designers and smart branding experts to create the right words for the right job. Because who doesn't want  happy clients?

web copy packages

Need words for your website? Let me take that on. Choose a Words for Websites package that suits your budget. Go simple, shiny or swanky

for websites



Go Simple, Shiny or Swanky.

Whichever Words for Websites package you choose, every word will be crafted for your unique purpose and speak with your voice to achieve your objectives.


Go Simple for the perfect starter website. I'll write words that'll give you an engaging, effective online web presence that achieves your aims beautifully.


Go Shiny for more depth, more content and flexible ways to engage authentically with your audience.



Go Swanky for the comprehensive package of powerful content with add-ons for extra engagement. 



Need pretty site design, too?

No problem. I work with the weird and wonderful 3Men², who will run you up a pretty site in no time. Check them out:



Editing and proofreading services

Rubbish at spelling? Punctuation a bit pants? Perhaps you've created one of those monstrous documents written by a committee, and it shows. 

I can fix that. My copyediting and proofreading services will give your the confidence that your words a) make sense and b) can withstand even the most annoying of grammar pedants.

I help all kind of clients for all kinds of purposes: CVs, annual reports, financial statements (yes, I do numbers, too), brochures, websites. Whatever has words. Or numbers.

My editing and proofreading services come in two chunky, funky flavours:


A simple grammar, spelling and punctuation check. Go Lite when you’re confident your text is wonderfully readable with just the right structure and tone, but you just need another eye. A big old pedantic one.


Go Xtreme when you need a full copyediting service that includes Lite services above, as well as improvements to flow, style and structure, language and tone; checks for redundancy, ambiguity and jargon;  tests for consistency, accuracy and general daftness.

These services are £85 per hour.