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Slightly Wrong Poetry

When I am low only an Etheridge poem will get me up to go.   She is absurdly brilliant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sandi Toksvig

I’m a poet. I write poems that make me laugh and sometimes they make other people laugh, too. I’m commissioned by lovely people like Sandi Toksvig and newspapers like The D*aily T*legraph. Yes, I took its money and am not ashamed. My poems have been performed by me, my friend Rachael and also Hugh Grant at the Royal Festival Hall. Yes, THAT Royal Festival Hall.

I perform stand-up poetry at festivals and stuff like that. The last show I did was for the Guildford Fringe Festival and was sold out. That’s how desperate people are in Guildford.


You can buy my book of slightly wrong poetry from Amazon and Waterstones. It’s called Slightly Wrong.



Copywriter. Poet. Lyricist.

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