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Carbonised Mutton

A poem about Donald Trump. I pity him really because he obviously has very low self-esteem.

You can sing this to  some of “Nellie the Elephant” if you want.  In fact, I’ve had a go, and here it is:


Carbonised Mutton

Voted-in president

Donald Trump

A nightmare that I can’t wake from,

His brain-dead supporters are chanting his name:

“Trump, Trump, Trump!”

Americans everywhere, hang your heads,

What the fuck are you thinking?

He may be quite witless but I am scared shitless

‘Cos he’s got in.

The hair on his head’s appalling,

Roadkill, I think.

He’s so much hate for his balding pate

He needs to see a shrink,

‘Cos he is full of self-loathing and lonely, too,

And acting out his frustrations.

He hits that red button we’re carbonised mutton

So sort it out.


Copywriter. Poet. Lyricist.

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