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If anyone is trotting by the Royal Festival Hall next Sunday (8th March) then you could do worse than buy a ticket to Mirth Control, compered by the wonderful Sandi Toksvig, with funny lady Sarah Millican headlining. It’s part of the Southbank Women of the World festival and it will be glorious. Not
just because the lineup is stellar and the entertainment awesome but also because I’VE GOT A BLOODY POEM IN IT!


Sandi Toksvig (yes, THE Sandy Toksvig) loved my book of poems Slightly Wrong (get it on Amazon, download or paperback, you know you want to, look into my eyes etc etc) and get this:


rfh-with-s-toksvig1) Sandi T asked me to write a poem for the show

2) I bit her arm off (not literally although I would have done had she been present) and said yes, and wrote it.

3) She liked it and guess what,

4) It’s going to be performed by Hugh Grant. Yes, THE Hugh Grant. YES, HUGH BLOODY GRANT.


So I am a happy bunny.


The end.


Not making this up. Here’s a picture of tough working meeting with Sandi T, Amber Lee the lovely show writer and feisty gorgeous Paulette Randall, the show’s director. Actually, it wasn’t tough. They were lovely and gave me a tour of the stage and were very nice.


Copywriter. Poet. Lyricist.

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